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Dr. Patrick Rardin
Your San Diego Chiropractor

NO MIGRANE HEADACHES after suffering from them for 40 years

NO MORE KNEE HEEL AND TOE PAIN after 7 years of constant pain

NO MORE ALLERGIES after 21 years of tolerating the symptoms and medications



Sincerely, Corina H.

I began my chiropractic care when I was three months pregnant. I needed a drug free alternative to relieve chronic neck and back pain. Since I began seeing Dr.Rardin I no longer take pain pills or muscle relaxers. I continued with my chiropractic care after the birth of my daughter. I have never felt better. What a difference in my life Dr. Rardin has made!

Rebecca B.

I did not realize the amount of pain that I had been living with until it was gone. The quality of my life has significantly increased because of the care and work Dr.Rardin has done for me. I suffered from temporo mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) a painful condition that has caused me years of pain and headaches. I no longer endure the headaches, stiff neck, or pain in my jaw. Every time I leave the office I feel healthier, more relaxed, and happier.

Thank you, Brandie D.  

I hurt my back and was unable to work. After 3 months of medicine and therapy and many visits to different doctors the continued pain, burning, and numbness in my left leg and foot was not getting better. My next step after talking to doctors was back surgery. My son and law suggested I visit Dr.Rardin. After a little more than a month of on going treatment the pain, burning , and numbness was completely gone. I was able to return to work. Im so grateful to Dr.Rardin for his work, which other doctors could not do.

John H.

My mom took me to see Dr. Rardin. I was not crying when he adjusted me. I used to have headaches and I used to cough a lot from asthma. After he adjusted me I did not have any more coughing and headaches. I skateboard better too. I can bike, throw, run faster, draw good, write good. I have terrific brain work.I do all these things well since I met Dr.Rardin. I rote this note for all the kids to come and read this note so they could all come to this chiropractor and be healthy. I like my chiropractor.

Brandon T. 

When I was a baby I always got ear infections. I always had to take medicine given by my doctor. When the medicine didn't work they put tubes in. The tubes came out and they put in some more. The second ones also came out. Then I started going to Dr.Patrick. He is helping me with my ears. I have not had any more infections. 

Thanks Brent B.

I've managed to survive the flu season with only a minor cough. I attribute that to Dr.Rardin's adjustments. I believe it was the power of my own immune system unleashed by Dr.Rardin's treatment.  I feel more calm and healthy after each adjustment. 

Greg D.